By popular demand, we are now offering Group Tutoring Lessons for the upcoming fall school season ahead! 

How to Get Started:

Create Your Group/Pod:  
Minimum & Maximum amount of students per group: 

Grades 1 - 4:            3-5 children
Grades 5 and Up:     3-6 children

Groups Types (age groups and grade): Ideally the students are in the same grade and age group and/or the same subject and level for maximum efficiency and productivity. 

Pricing: The cost per student is dependent upon the location where the tutoring shall take place as well as which tutor is paired with your group. Please call us at (818) 957-1513 for more information or to confirm your child’s group rate. 

Tutoring Schedule: The schedule will be based off of your initial consultation with Terry as well as the availability of our tutoring team. Please do note your ideal schedule on the Group Tutoring Form attached. We will do our best to accommodate the schedule needed and wanted.

If you are interested in starting with our team please fill out Group Tutoring Request Form (found below) and email it to our team at: [email protected]. Our Enrollment Director will be in touch with you shortly to assist you in getting started. 

If you have any questions, feel free to call: (818) 957-1513

*Please keep in mind group tutoring/pod accommodations are subject to availability. If we are fully booked we will be happy to place you on our waitlist and contact you with any/all openings on a first come first serve bases.